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I can’t remember having a better start to a year, in my adult life, than this one. It actually started out pretty crappy (a trend I advanced from 2016) but half-way through the month, I did a sort of “life check”and started making conscious efforts to live my best life. If you know me even a little bit then you know I am wont to ineffectual declarations of change but there seems to be a noticeable mental shift so hey, maybe this is the year I finally get my shit together.

word of the month: transition.

The highlight of January has been being a finalist in the inaugural Pen Avenue Malawi short story competition. The greatest part has been all the positive feedback I’ve gotten about the story which I didn’t really believe in when I submitted it. I’m so happy people are reading and liking what I wrote.

SPEAKING OF! Today is the last day people can help me win the contest. You can support my short tale about a homicidal lesbian stoner by reading it, commenting on it and sharing the page (using the buttons on the page). You can also help by liking, commenting on and sharing this facebook post.

Thank you for your support x

 books i read

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The Answer to the Riddle is Me by David Stuart MacLean

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Like Family by Paolo Giordano

(reviews coming soon)


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The Good Place is a really funny, very bright and original show – watch it. I haven’t finished it yet but I can’t wait to. The new America’s Next Top Model is gloriously trashy, I love it.

A friend introduced me to Off the Air and well, if you haven’t watched them yet then Youtube them and have a lovely, trippy afternoon. My favourite is NEWNOW.

last month’s posts

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january motivation gallery 

How was your January and are you looking forward to February?

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