Life Lately

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I paid the fees. I can take selfies in the hall if I want to…

After being closed for half a year, my university opened again. I’ve been ready to be back in a classroom for months so it was a more than welcome development. For about five minutes. And then college was just as exhausting and tedious as it has always been. Careful what you wish for!

On a personal front, this month was pretty messy. In many ways, much of this messiness was thrust upon me but I certainly contributed to its potency by participating in emotionally chaotic interactions. I’m happy to say I eventually did what I was always supposed to do – ignore external toxic forces and focus on my own self-care. But I think it’s time I learned how to make that my go-to response.

On a trivial narcissistic note, I said goodbye to my white/grey braids but not before stunting one final time because of course I did.

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

word of the month: forward

Books I Read

Purity by Jonathan Franzen. Full disclosure, I didn’t complete reading this and I haven’t exactly been clamouring to find the time to. I don’t know. I like it a lot but it’s been a long time since I read something heavy where reading felt like an investment.

Reading Challenge progress: 2.5/20



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Bonus: NAV – Some Way ft. The Weeknd

Films & TV, Etc.

Moana. I loved it. I knew from the start I would. It gave me all the feeling and ugh, you guys…

Westworld. One of the most compelling shows I missed out on in 2016 was Westworld and every part of it was as captivating and thought-provoking as the reviews said. If you still haven’t seen this, you must!

The Good Fight. I was completely obsessed with The Good Wife so I obviously had high hopes for its spin-off (especially given how awful and satisfying TGW was in the end)…I’m not disappointed! There’s a lot of room for improvement but I’m already totally in love with Michelle and Robert King’s style of courtroom hijinks. I can’t wait to devour this.

The video for Sturgill Simpson’s “All Around You” is all kinds of beautiful. I love everything about this.

February Posts

‘Like Family’ by Paolo Giordano [book review]

Without Losing a Piece of Me, How Do I Get to Heaven?

How did February teach you? What do you want March to bring?

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