Since all of the woods – Nolly, Holly, Bolly and even Nyasa – continue to fail to capture a version of my life for consumption by the public, who I’m sure are anxiously awaiting such a development, I guess I’ll have to contend with describing my life using already existing movie titles until this act against humanity is corrected.

1. Internal Affairs
I’m not sure that I’m an introvert but I am definitely an overactive thinker. On any given day, you can bank on me to be going through at least a dozen mental conflicts or simply exhausting myself with thoughts. That’s why I like sleeping. I deserve the breaks lmao.

2. Killing Them Softly
Them being my haters, of course. And my friends probably. Let’s not even talk about my parents. And myself. Arya’s got nothing on me, fam.

3. Working Girl
I couldn’t resist an opportunity to plug King Shots Digital and The Slice Magazine. #girlbossthings

4. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
What self-deprecating joke do I make about this that someone on the internets more brilliant than me hasn’t already barfed? Just pretend I said something deeply poignant and funny. You don’t have to shed a tear but I won’t discourage you.

5. The Hunger Games
‘Nuff said.

6. Divergent
Because nothing goes as planned. Fucking ever.

7. Dazed and Confused
I mean, what twenty-something year old, isn’t?

8. Frozen
I’m continually reminded by friends and loved ones that it isn’t but it feels a whole damn lot like it.

9. The Pursuit of Happyness
That’s the goal. Some kind of happy.

What movie titles describe your life? Let me know in the comments

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