The Slice Magazine Launch


It is unreal to me that something can come together so quickly. It was just a few months ago that my pal Gary was asking me opinions and ideas for a magazine name. He was thinking about starting up a new mag aimed at the youth. My brain landed on The Slice Magazine. At that point, I could not have imagined that a couple months down the line, I would be the chief editor of that same magazine or that I’d be calling Gary my boss. But here we are!


Putting together the first issue was a cumbersome and challenging experience. And if I feel that then I know Boss Man Gaz definitely feels it a lot more because he’s pretty much been the mastermind, orchestrating all of this into a reality. I’m forever thankful that he let me be a part of this and I can’t wait to see where the passion and hard work takes us!

Enough of my waxing, here are some of the highlights of The Slice Magazine Launch:

Giving my speech as the chief editor of the Slice Magazine. I was so nervous! In that first frame, my heart is well up in my throat and I am scared special, especially with our special guest and the cover of our very first issue sitting right in front of me. And in that second, I’m just relieved the most intimidating part is over.

Our special guest, Nthanda Manduwi, also gave a speech.

We heard poetry from Joy and Tamanda (sorry about the poor quality photo there pipsqueak)

A Slicey photo-op with our guest of honour (notice how I’m the only one not looking at the right camera, smh!)

★ Boss Man, Gary waxed emotional about the Slice Magazine journey, it’s joys and pains and hopes for the future.


One last photo before we called our launch a success!


Here’s to many more #slicey moments

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