This year’s birthday was among some of the best I have ever had (despite ending on a bad note). On my birthday morning I was surprised by a birthday cake, courtesy of my stepmom who has pulled done this for me two years in a roll now! It was an awesome way to celebrate another revolution around the sun! And it was yummy. Possibly one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. Sometimes when I’m sad, I think about that cake and how heavenly it tasted and then I go back to procrastinating or sticking more pins in my Donald Trump voodoo doll.

My birthday coincided with the launch of the Slice Magazine so it was a pretty hectic day but my friends – Tamanda, Joe and Joe (aka Curtis) – and I managed to have a lovely, if a bit hasty, birthday meal at Elly B’s.

And since we have no khalidwe and we’re ratchet as hell, you know we were out there doing the most with pictures.

what a mess! πŸ˜…

Ugh, I’m probably going to regret this but if I could just get gooey for a moment about this girl. Without a doubt one of the firmest rocks I have in my life. She made sure my day was awesome and there are not enough thank you’s to express my gratitude to this amazing tiny goddess for being my friend and always looking out for me! I love you Tama.

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