Times TV’s Breakfast Show (with The Slice Magazine)


On the morning of my first ever TV interview I became convinced that mine was a face for radio. Folks, I was so nervous. Not only was this TV appearance going to be my first ever, it was also my first as part of Team Slice! To say I had butterflies is an egregious understatement.

Nevertheless, I summoned my inner girl boss and did my best. Honestly, I felt very shake-y and was very sure I was rambling but I am assured by friends and loved ones that my appearance was not the bumbling catastrophe my worry wart brain was convincing me it was.

One month later, I still cringe when I watch recordings of me and should probably seriously think about never playing them again lest I reach seizure-levels of shuddering. Still, I look back at it and feel like I can honestly pat myself on the back. The fact that I did not look directly into the camera and go “Hey mom!”is an accomplishment on it’s very own

It was such as amazing opportunity, made all the better by our host Sharon’s hospitality and nerve-settling niceness. I mean, she indulged us with selfies and later shameless self promotion online. Now that’s being awesome!

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