*steps out from the shadows*

Hello there, stranger! 

I know it’s been a long minute since I updated my little corner of the internet. Once again, I must apologize for my inconsistency with posting. 

My excuses are the same as ever – school, life, being a lazy baby, etc etc. 

I also haven’t been in the best mental/emotional state. I’m trying to pick myself up, of course, but sometimes it feels like I’m not making a lot of progress and that I’m stuck in a perpetual cycle of malaise where moments of hope are quickly displaced by extended periods of frustration. 

That said, even the most negative parts of me see that I am getting better. Hence my return to blogging. 

I’m back! I think. I hope. Well, let’s see how it goes!

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the noteworthy happenings of my cringe-comedy life so let’s get started shall we:

★ I completed my second year of college

During the few times I managed to blog during my last semester, I made no secret of the fact that college was totally kicking my butt. No surprise then that my end of year exams were basically a form of mental torture devised by my lecturers. Fucking hell guys. I’ve never been so worried about my average. So far I’ve been a Distinction student, maintaining an average grade just above the threshold of the honour. So much for keeping that trend going. This time around, I’ll be thankful just to pass. 

★ I got robbed by my own friend

At least I thought they were my friend. This is actually an on-going matter and definitely a major source of frustration for a while. Long story short, a dunderbrain I considered a bud made off with a significant amount of money of mine and efforts to reclaim that money have proved unsuccessful. I’ve been to the police and had someone inquire at his school-time residence…all to no avail. My final option is to formally press charges which I’m going to do very soon. I no longer have hopes of getting the money back but I hope I’ll be able to seek some kind of retribution. Wish me luck!

★ I got a dope weave that I never really got to show off 


This is probably a frivolous addition but seriously I loved this hairstyle. Unfortunately, I got it done during a very not ideal time. It was during the exam season and I ended up being too busy/stressed to properly take care of it. I was so down with exam fever, I didn’t even rope my better business half (shoutout to KINGSHOTS DIGITAL) into taking slay pics of me.

★ I stepped down as The Slice Magazine’s Chief Editor 

Without a doubt, one of my 2017 highlights was working with The Slice Magazine. (Fun fact: I came up with the name!) Being a part of its conception and launch, getting to do awesome stuff like appearing on Times TV, MBC and Capital Radio, and, most importantly, getting to work together with Gary and all of Team Slice are experiences I will treasure forever. 
I know y’all are wondering if there was drama but my decision to leave was down to reasons that are uncomplicated, unimportant and entirely personal. It was a very amicable parting and I just have to thank Gary for being very understanding. 
Obviously, I continue to rep the fuck out of The Slice Magazine. I continue to support the vision and in me, The Slice Magazine will always have a stan and will forever keep it slicey!
Welp, I think that’s enough from me for today. 
Since I don’t want to be the only one sharing, feel free to leave a comment below about some of your most recent  noteworthy happenings.
Keep watching this space for new blog posts. (Seriously!)

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