A Writer’s Day Away in Zomba

Amongst the many things I intended to blog about but never did (typical!) was an awesome experience I had earlier in the year 

Flashback to March…I had just won the first Pen Avenue Malawi Short Story competition. (You can read my entry here) (asdfghjkl I still can’t believe that happened!!!!)

 x Happy Writers: Tama, Ken and Me x

Shortly after, Pen Avenue organized an excursion for all three finalists (me, Tamanda and Ken) and more burgeoning writers for day trip to Zomba.

Since Tamanda and I are intellectual soulmates (translation: besties), I’m fairly used to “talking shop” and really getting into our different styles and approaches to prose (and poetry in Tama’s case) but outside of this friendship, I talk very little about writing with anybody else IRL. 

This excursion changed that. I’ve never felt so in tune with a group of people about something we all have love for. It made me think a lot about how writing is great when it isn’t just a solitary art. Don’t get me wrong…most of the suffering that comes with being a writer – from staring at blank screens (or pages for the hands on types) to writers block and summoning the energy to transform your imagination into a sensible narrative – are borne alone. But discussion, critiques and insights can’t be an individual process. 

I took a lot from the experience. Despite the fact that my efforts with writing this year haven’t shown it, the excursion is the single most re-affirming experience I’ve ever had as a writer. I’m so happy I got to be part of the experience.

{NOTE: I lost most of the photos I took on this trip. Well, I say “lost”…they’re actually stuck in my old laptop which hasn’t been usable for the better part of 2017}

Places we visited

Zomba Botanical Gardens 

Mulunguzi Dam 


Trout Farm 

 Unfortunately, the few photos I managed to take at Trout Farm (because we were running late) are stuck in my old laptop. Instead, here are photos we took on the way. At least I think it was on the way (geography and navigation are not my strong suits).

Ku Chawe Inn

PS: Tama is one of the contributing poets of a collection by Creative Menace called Melanonia which I highly, highly recommend! You can download it here (Google Drive) or here (Data File Host)

PSS: You know who gets to experience the awesomeness of Zomba on a daily basis? Modest fashionistam, blogger and self-described professional bathroom singer – Faith Victoria Tsoka. (Psst! You should definitely go check out her blog and music)

I hope I get to do more awesome writer-y things with more awesome writers in 2018 (and not be such a dork about it)

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