Happy New Year everyone! Well done for surviving 2017. Like most people, last year was a trying one for me. I made no secret in my notes last year whenever I was having a hard time in 2017 which was admittedly a lot. That said, there were a lot of great moments tucked in bad or otherwise mundane ones. I thought I would write a post offering bite-size reflections on last year – the good, the bad and the ugly.
Most of my 2017 highlights are things I have already blogged about before. Like launching The Slice Magazine, winning my first short story competition and passing with a Distinction in my first semester of 2ndyear. I also started Kingshots with my business partner which I am very thankful for.
I got to watch one of my dearest friends tie the knot and then later, watched my dad do the same. It was so awesome to have been a part of their happiness. It was definitely one of the central highlights of last year.
Another really awesome experience was going on a writer’s excursion to Zomba organized by Pen Avenue Malawi. I talked about the experience and how much it meant to me in detail here.
I failed most of my resolutions and goals. I did not complete my 2017 reading challenge of a mere 20 books. I did not complete my first draft of a novel I am currently working on (or supposed to be working on anyway) nor did I manage to write the short story anthology I had planned to do called “It’s Different for Girls.” I also did not re-release my debut novel, Tender Underneath. In terms of writing, you can see 2017 was a total fail for me.
More fails? Oh let’s see: I totally screwed up my last semester of college. Exams were a royal shit-show and the worry that I may have not only under-performed but perhaps even failed has plagued me all holiday long.
I also drank too much.
In 2017, I lived with a terrible roommate whose character and actions left me positively reeling in bitterness and bitchiness. The whole thing was a disaster and I ended up literally kicking her out of my place because I couldn’t stand to live with her anymore. I sort of promised to do a more detailed post about what it was like to live with this person and how badly I reacted in response to their awfulness but I never found the time and I honestly just wanted to forget about the whole ordeal. So I’m sorry that this is a story I’m no longer keen on re-living in detail. Plus, she’s just not worth the space on this here corner of the internets. Good riddance, is all I’ve got left.
On my birthday, I got shoved around in a hallway at POLY by some asshole who, despite my efforts, I still don’t know. The whole thing was messed up and I have a lot of bile in my throat about it still but since there was little I could do, the best thing was to try to put it past me.
The ugliest part of 2017 had to be when someone I considered a friend stole money from me and fled Blantyre. I talked about this before in brief and at the time, I was busy going contacting police to try to bring him to justice (This was after appealing to the Polytechnic administration for help since he’s also a student there and failing to get any help. According to them, someone merely threatening me isn’t the same as me being harmed so what fuck do they care. Thanks so much POLY!)
Some good that did me! Instead of achieving anything, I got swindled by the police themselves who made me pay for search warrant which it turns out is a common, illegal practice. The search warrant got me absolutely nowhere so all the time I spend trying to correct a wrong left me in a place even worse off than before. I am now left with no option but to let it go. What this person did to me was wrong but there’s little I can achieve by pursuing justice through the help of institutions that just do not have the willingness. All I have to show for it all now is a bitter lesson learned.

So that was my 2017 in a nutshell – lots of bad but a lot of worthwhile goods that still make me have hope for humanity and the future. I certainly am not going to let all the bad overshadow the good or lead me into a mentality that says things will always go like this. I had a shit time but that doesn’t mean my string of bad luck will follow me till the end of my days. In the end, I just have to heed the lessons I learned and be more mindful in the future.

So how was your 2017? Good? Bad? Ugly? Let me know in the comments.

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