The A to Z of Me

Hey bubbas,

My about me page does a decent job, I hope, of giving a snippet of who the cartoon behind this blog is but that’s sort of an elevator pitch description of me. So I decided to do the “A to Z of Me” tag. It might not entirely encapsulate who I am (FOR MY COMPLEXITIES ARE BOUNDLESS!!!) but there’s a few fun/fundamental/totally random facts about yours truly which I hope you enjoy.

A is for Atheist

After many moons living as a born again (you read that correctly), I realised in my late teens that god wasn’t real. At least not for me. It came after years of reflection, re-evaluation and re-assessment and by the end of it all, I couldn’t help but feel gypped by Christianity. Reforming my identity and worldview after such a core part of who I was crumbled around me was a slight total nightmare and living in a predominantly christian country has its set of challenges but disbelief freed me and I am so relieved that I left religion and dogma behind while I was still fairly young.

B is for Binge-Watching

I’m most at peace when consuming several hours of television at once. I am obsessed with so many shows and now in the era of Peak TV, the most convenient thing is to watch lots of amazing TV all at once.

C is for Creative

Whether it’s crafting stories, blog posts or dumb jokes/cries for help on Twitter, I do consider myself a creative person. I love expressing myself in different ways. I mostly do so with fiction but I’ve also written articles (not as impressive as it sounds).

D is for Day-Dreaming

I spend far too much time dreaming of people, places and situations that will most definitely will never happen. Heck, I even pretend to do interviews on a talk show (where I star as host, guest and the most interesting person in the world). Side note: I also talk to myself a whole lot but there’s no need to worry because I’m full of great conversations.

E is for Extra

Apparently, according to some very unreliable sources (my friends) I am extra which puzzles me because I like to think of myself as being very low key (lol). All right, I can be a bit OTT sometimes but usually only amongst good friends or if it has to do with school because your girl is an overachiever even though she’s a total mess.

F is for Funny

I am hilarious. End of!

G is for Geek

The word geek and its sister, nerd, have become so diluted that it barely means anything if you say you are one. But if we’re still counting obsession and un-ironic love as conditions then I am definitely a geek – mostly about TV, pop culture and useless but interesting facts.

H is for Humanist

According to Wikipedia, Humanism is “is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence over acceptance of dogma or superstition.”

Sounds like me.

I is for Impulsive

I don’t always put in a lot of thought before doing something. I can be quite impulsive. Sometimes that serves me well. Sometimes it doesn’t. Okay, most times it doesn’t. I should just use my brain more.

J is for Journalism

I chose to study Journalism at the University of Malawi – the Polytechnic because it was the closest I could get to creative writing. Two years in, I am thankful and regretful of my decision in equal parts. It’s definitely not my dream course, by any means, but it’s very well suited to me. I just wish it was over already.

K is for Kindness

It’s sad to me that the world seems to be running low on good will and if it is there, there are some who tarnish it by taking advantage but being kind is, to me, perhaps the most valuable quality we should all have.

L is for Lazy

I am so lazy folks. I don’t even want to tell you how long this post took me to finish. Laziness is one of those things I need to either overcome or get smart about. Otherwise, I may never get anything done.

M is for Mexico

This is my favourite song of all time.

N is for Norwich

Having lived there for a portion of my adolescence and early adulthood, Norwich will always be near and dear to my heart. I miss it all the time and definitely want to visit again some day.

O is for Open Minded

I’m a very open-minded person and it’s a quality I really like about myself. I strive to not think or live rigidly because we’re all different and I think it’s a good thing to understand and accept one another. Just because someone is different from me or belongs on a path I will never tread on doesn’t mean they are not valuable or that they shouldn’t be treated as such. I wish more people were open minded – the world might be a far less darker place.

P is for Pizza

such glamour. such beauty. how does she do it?

Need I say more? It’s pizza dude!

Q is for Quirky

I definitely have a lot of idiosyncrasies going on and I’ve been described by others as something of an eccentric. Quirky. At least it’s better than being called weird (which I have been, too many times!)

R is for Roses

Roses are my favourite flower. If I were a flower I would definitely be some sort of weed wishing I was a rose.

S is for Sarcastic

My sense of humour begins at irony and snark and gets weirder from there. I think friends are for mocking and if I’ve never made someone think, “Well, she’s a bit of an asshole, isn’t she?” then they’re probably not my friend. Or they’re a nemesis.

T is for Tall

People love telling me I’m tall as if I’m not aware. “Wow, you’re so tall!” Great observation skills there, buddy. Can you also tell I’m black? SMH.

Anyway, the hardest part about being tall is that short people look to tall people in times of emergency and it’s too much pressure for me as I am a complete mess and cannot be relied on to guide anybody. No but really, people telling me I’m so tall (usually seasoned with “for a girl”) is really quite annoying. On the plus side, I get to be a hero when people can’t reach high shelves in supermarkets.

U is for Unique

I am unique. Just like everybody else.

V is for Valid

I am valid. I am valid. I am valid. I am valid. I am valid. I am valid. I am valid. I am valid. It’s a chant, a mood and an un-ending truth – I am valid. (PS: just like everybody else).

W is for Writing

Writing is my passion. Pity I’m so bad at it. I nag about it more than I actually do it and it can take me forever to get anything actually written but no matter what, I am a writer.

Y is for YouTube

Ah, YouTube…destroyer of my data bundles and foil to my productivity. How could I possible live without it?

Z is for Zig-a-zig-ah

Surely no explanation is required?

Okay now it’s your time to share. What is the A to Z of YOU? Let me know in the comments!

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