Casa Mia Restuarant (and Lodge) Mini-Review

Having forgotten my camera, my review of Casa Mia isn’t going to be as detailed as I would prefer. I took some photos on my phone but mostly of the food and hardly of any decor or any image that better captures the spot.

Let’s just call this a flash review or something.

We ordered Pappardelle Lamb Ragu, Chambo (Malawi Style) (that’s what it said on the menu), Honey Mustard Steak (my order) and (not pictured) T-bone steak with Nsima and Chambo (Malawi Style) (lol I don’t know why that keeps making me giggle).

My steak was lovely and cut like butter. The only down side was that it wasn’t cooked to the temperature I asked for and (totally nit-picking here) I like my bacon crispier than what came. Still…it was yummy and I truly enjoyed it.

The ambiance was also great. I might be a bit biased because they played Mexico and there’s no experience that can’t be made better by that song! The service was also good and the staff were very hospitable. I had a great time.

I’d quite like to eat there again.

MY RATING: ★★★★✩ (rounded up from 3.5)

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