Hello beautiful creatures
At the end of every* month, I recap my life and times in a monthly wrap-up. Here’s my 411 on January: 
*almost every month. Sometimes I am too lazy


So like most people, I am usually filled with an unreasonable optimism at the beginning of the year. Last year, for example, I had very high expectations about becoming my best self only to spend most of the year ignoring my own advice and being frustrated with myself for setting goals that were too far beyond my reach.
This year I’m doing things a little bit differently. Instead of making resolutions that focus on accomplishments, I am instead trying to focus on creating new habits. After years (!!!) of making resolutions, I realised that the reason I was never able to achieve them was my inability to consistently follow through on my intent with my actions. 
So instead of making grand declarations about what I will do in 2018, I am focusing on practice. It doesn’t matter to me if I complete a full draft of my novel or my collection of short stories; what matters to me is that I am consistently writing. The same thing goes for other areas in my life that require improvement – blogging, fitness, self care and professional development. I don’t want to focus on the big picture but the minute details that can actually make those things I envision possible. 
WORD(S) OF THE MONTH: Good vibrations
★ Travelling to Zomba to have a good old catch up Faith. 
★ Travelling to Lilongwe after not having been there since Wendy’s Wedding. I’ve been loving the experience so far. In a very short amount of time I’ve had a wonderful time catching up with dear friends like Tamanda and Wendy, and making new ones. I’ve also had a go at being more social and outgoing which might seem small but is actually meaningful to this introvert. 
★ Doing an actual photo shoot as a model. I can’t wait to share more details on that but it was an awesome experience! (All right, this technically happened on the first of February but COME ON!)
ICYMI (In Case You missed It)
My January’s blog posts were:
★ Kwa Haraba Book Haul (My School Break TBR)
★ A Good Old Catch-Up (with Faith)
Reading Challenge Progress: 1/40
★ Ten Stations / Mates Dates: the Secret Story (World Book Day) by Cathy Hopkins, Jenny Valentine
[This is a pretty weak start to my reading challenge especial because the Mates Dates story was only a teaser and Ten Stations is so short…but reading is reading and I will take it.] 
Writing Progress: Nothin’ to see here!

2 thoughts on “Notes on January

  1. I love this post because it made me think that maybe grand declarations and resolutions aren't the only way to go around living life


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