Since I have no IRL Valentine (*cries in FOREVER ALONE*) I decided to settle on a fantasy Valentine and that’s going to be none other than Kalinda Sharma, an investigator on one of my favourite TV Shows, The Good Wife. I’m totally Single Brown Female-ing her with today’s outfit.

Portrayed by Archie Panjabi, Kalinda was all sorts of badass! And while I will always think the writers of the show did her dirty when it came to story lines, her style game was always on point for her character. How do you think I did with my cosplay?

I’m emulating Kalinda’s signature coloured leather-clad look with this red jacket I grabbed from a little boutique called my best friend’s closet. I’m also wearing a black leotard and black mini-skirt with black (faux?) leather ankle boots.

P.S: I highly recommend The Good Wife for your next bingewatch if you’ve never checked it out before!)

P.S.S: Any juicy Valentine’s day plans? I want to live your day vicariously, doll. Let me know in the comments!

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