Hey lovelies,

This month’s playlist is full of oldies but goodies. You can blame Spotify for much of that. I re-downloaded Spotify in January (a decision my data bundles hate me for) which led to me revisiting a lot of old songs I used to listen to years ago which I’m going to go ahead and recommend. I’ve also become obsessed with Post Malone’s I Fall Apart after ages spent ignoring my YouTube suggestions.

As you can tell from my last playlist (which was just the album RELAXER by Alt-J) and this new one I’m usually listening to songs from yesteryear. I can’t think of even one song released this year that I like right now and to be honest, I’m probably going to get round to this year’s hits three years from now. Don’t worry though I’ll still recommend them lmao.

Anyway, here are the tracks I couldn’t take off repeat in February.

Lead Me by Alice Boman from EP II (+ Skisser EP) (Amazon | iTunes)
I Fall Apart by Post Malone from Stoney (Amazon | iTunes)
Burning for You by Blue Oyster Cult from Fire of Unknown Origin (Amazon | iTunes)
Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard from Hysteria (Amazon | iTunes)
(PS: Y’all remember Coyote Ugly? I really should re-watch that movie.)

The Passenger by Iggy Pop from Lust for Life (Amazon | iTunes)

Everybody Wants to Rule The World by Tears for Fears from Songs from the Big Chair (Amazon | iTunes)

Barracuda by Heart from Little Queen (Amazon* | iTunes)

* I could only find it in the The Essential Heart album
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day from American Idiot (Amazon | iTunes)

Out of Touch by Hall and Oats from Big Bam Boom (Amazon | iTunes)

The Chain by Fleetwood Mac from Rumours (Amazon | iTunes)

What was on your playlist? Seriously, what songs from this year should I be listening to? I like being an old soul but being this out of the loop just seems ridiculous!

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