So there’s a lot less items on my watchlist this month because your girl is trying to do more work and so I’m limited in terms of how much time I can continue to waste on TV & Films (*smiles in productivity*)

Also, I spent a good portion of February still in Lilongwe where I found myself watching a lot more actual TV (read: Cartoon Network and Come Dine With me, basically) so that’s probably why this watch list is quite short. Not that I’m complaining!

Enough of my rambling. Here’s what I watched in February that I recommend.


★ Atlantis

Besides repeated viewings of BoJack Horseman, the only show I binged on was Atlantis (Amazon Video) which was okay to pass the time but not particularly suited to my tastes. My housemate loved it though and apparently so do a lot of other people? Anyway, if you’re into mythological adventures maybe check it out and see if you like it better than I did.

 Weekly Watches

Last Week Tonight

Most of the most detailed news that I get about what’s going on in the US or the world from Trevor Noah (via YouTube) and John Oliver’s hilarious take on the news. I never ever get tired of John and his epic rants and bits on the show. Of all the late-night comedians cum political commentators of the moment, John Oliver remains my favourite. For anyone who hasn’t seen John Oliver in action, here’s a video of him interviewing the elusive Snowden back in 2015:

★ American Dad


I love love love American Dad. It’s definitely my fave Seth MacFarlene show (Family Guy can kiss my ass!) and I wish more people watched it. Also Roger is the best worst!


★ Spirited Away

One of my favourite animated movies ever is Spirited Away (Amazon) which highly confused and (quite frankly) scared me as a kid but grew into one of the most darling things in my memory palace. I have no idea where I can find Studio Ghibli films except maybe Netflix (haven’t checked) which is impossible right now because I like having food and a house with electricity so there’s no way I’m spending any money on a bundle for Netflix. I digress. If you’re a Blantyre person and ready to be my Ghibli plug, the comment section is here for you beloved!

★ Ghost in the Shell

I finally got round to watching Ghost in the Shell (Amazon Video). It’s uh…something. I don’t really remember what. It’s kind a hot mess of high-tech boring. That said me from the past (the one writing this blog post) is in the mood for a bad movie night and guess what’s at the top of her list?

Also, Honest Trailer:

And that’s it. What were your screen obsessions this February?

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