I am SO excited to share these pictures that have been gathering dust in my gallery since February. Hashtag: procrastination. These were taken by my lil bro from another mo, Joe (I can hear you applauding for that amazing rhyming and for that, dear reader, I thank you *pats my self on the back).

Crop Top – DAPP
Trackies – DAPP
Shoes – Joe’s closet

We shot somewhere in my neighbourhood. I was on a vacation from vacation, sorta. This happened during my stay back home in Lilongwe a couple of months ago. I only came to Blantyre for a few days to come check out my end of year results (in which I did not particularly excel but still came away from feeling proud/relieved).

I basically celebrated getting through second year with an impromptu shoot for some new clothes I got from DAPP (the one behind Shoprite in Lilongwe). I am insane about these mesh lined trackies Tamanda found for me. I love wearing them.

I tried to find a similar one online but I can’t seem to get the right choices. Either that or I’m googling wrong (high possibility!) But I did find this really cool jogger which I just adore.

>>  available on eBay <<

I don’t know man. There’s just something about petrol blue. Amazingly, the similarly coloured crop top was from DAPP (same trip and picked out by Tama who I think we can all agree should be my personal stylist. Thanks babe ).



What do you make of my look? Let me know in the comments.


All right, there’s no ignoring it, is there? I’ve been MIA for 3+ months. We need a catch up. It’s coming, I promise. But what’s a LIFE LATELY without feeling, eh? I’m going to take a little time gathering my thoughts (I can’t promise this will be prompt). But in the mean time, I really missed blogging and I don’t want the pressures of writing a comeback post to stop me from spinning yarns about this, my cringe-comedy life. So, it’s going to be business as usual and (I hope to high heaven) semi-regular posting from now on.

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