Scorpii Clothing: Malawi’s IT Girl Fashion Brand

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Scorpii Clothing. Thankful though I am to work with the brand, my words are a reflection of my true opinion and have not been influenced by them in any way. 

Hey lovelies,

I first found out about Scorpii Clothing from Christina – the stunner you see in all of these posts (taken by Razzaq Mirambo of Summer Zone Pictures). We became buddies when we participated as models in the Winter Ankara Fashion Exhibition (WAFE) last year. Through her, I’ve come to really love Scorpii which I think is a fun, elegant brand that does it’s spin on African fashion impeccably.

So some background…Scorpii Clothing was formed in 2016 and then introduced to Malawi in 2017 when they showcased their first collection at African Fashion Festival. Helmed by Beatrice Mabvuto and her assistant, the brand is based in Area 12 (Lilongwe) which is where all of their items are created. That makes Scorpii “100% Malawian” which is a detail I love because people don’t always associate that term with great fashion so I think it’s really cool that the brand falls into that category.

Scorpii is all about unique and affordable clothing and accessories with an African twist.  Their price range is K5, 000 to K 40, 000 (about $7 to $56) and they design Menswear, Women’s Apparel & Kids Wear.

By the way, if you like any of the designs in this post or would like to get in touch with Beatrice/Scorpii, please reach out via email ( or telephone (+ 265 993 707 574). Outside Malawi? No worries – Scorpii delivers worldwide!

Now let me gush about Scorpii’s playful, elegant and fashion forward look book which I’ve been obsessed with for ages now, wishing I had the skills to Photoshop my head onto Christina’s body.

1) Scorpii Clothing is fashion forward

Perhaps my favourite thing about Scorpii is just how current it is! It’s black-girl-magic-Africana meets sophisticated millennial chic. In other words, IT girl. Just check the newer additions donning the brand’s Instagram page right now). All their clothes are something I could see any fashion-conscious girl about glam putting on.

2) The vibrant colour story

The very first thing I noticed about these designs is the beautiful use of colour throughout the catalog and it’s absolutely stunning. I’m no expert (as people in my daily life may attest) but I just really love how rich and vibrant the colours are; not to mention how interestingly Beatrice uses both muted and saturated tones in different looks.

3) Beatrice knows her girl and she knows how to dress her well!

I like Beatrice’s point of view as a designer because she knows who her client is – a cool, confident girl with a taste for the quirky and eclectic. I like that there’s a certain cohesion to the designs even though there’s lots of variety in the silhouettes and I especially love the sense of easy sophistication weaved throughout the entire catalog. I truly can see one girl stocking all of this in her wardrobe and declaring herself the best thing ever since sliced bread. (And would she be wrong? Lovely, please.)

4) PRINT, beloved.

It’s surprising to me that I like the print on these designs so much because I don’t typically wear print in my daily life. To be very honest, prints scare me since it can become “too loud” very easily but even I can’t help but fawn over Beatrice’s choices. It’s so stunning.

All right, lovelies – that’s me done gushing. Just some final tidbits – Christina is an awesome, lovable human who can be found on Twitter and Instagram. If you’re just as taken with Scorpii Clothing as I am, be sure to keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram.

I’m in love with the crop-top/shorts two-piece. Which one’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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