Novel Things and Moonlighting | Pastiche Sunday

Hey lovelies. Pastiche Sunday is a weekly catch up where I also share links I love, my pop culture exploits of the week, links I love and other tidbits pertaining to me, known narcissist.

Life and Times

My post-university life leaves me limited excuses for not pursuing my creative enterprises anymore so I’m doing just that. I’m blogging more (I even have a schedule – Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays).

I’m also trying to revive my passive side hustle as an erotica author. The genre and marketing ebooks has changed a lot since I last actively moonlighted as a smut queen. Nevertheless, I’m persisting. There’s a lot I’m learning and re-learning that is going to be very helpful for republishing my debut novel.

Speaking of said novel, Tender Underneath is currently being edited and improved with a new cover. I’m very excited to share it all with you but I’m even more daunted than the first time around. In any case, I’m just happy “publish Tender Underneath” will soon never have to appear on my to do list again.

My week in pop culture

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I really thought that with more time to myself, I’d speed through the contents of my digital library but I’ve mostly stuck to reality shows. I’m really enjoying the gameplay on this season of Survivor (US) and the ridiculous antics on The Challenge: Total Madness. RuPaul’s Drag Race continues to bring me joy plus the new Secret Celebrity Drag Race is not a total waste of time. I’m also keeping up with season 4 of The Good Fight which took a break last week courtesy of Ms Rona.

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I rewatched Brokeback Mountain (destroyed me again) and Shawshank Redemption which features Tim Robbins and the immortal being Morgan Freeman. I also revisited The World’s End. Was it always that underwhelming? I’ve been looking forward to re-watching the Cornetto trilogy (Shaun of the Dead + Hot Fuzz + The World’s End) for ages and I completely forgot that its third entry is probably Edgar Wright’s worst movie.

I discovered an alternative/indie band called 8 Graves while watching The Challenge and it’s the exact type of suicidal punk-emo shit I lived for in my teens so they’re a great listen.

I’ve been trying to read Pulitzer prize-winning novel, The Road, by Cormac McCarthy and Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch by B.J Daniels which I downloaded from the Harlequin free collection in 2011 (more items from my never-ending, severely under accomplished to-do list).

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Links You Might Like

In case you missed it (my posts this week)

Amazon Wishlist & Deals

I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about Reese Witherspoon’s latest performance as a Karen in Little Fires Everywhere. The book by Celeste Ng which inspired the TV show is definitely on my TBR (to be read).

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I’ve been nicking my best friend’s ear pods but they drain quicker than I want from stolen tech. I found these awesome Bluetooth headphones for $32 and now my only mission in life is to cajole my mum or sister into buying them for me.

I once saw my friend Sharon with adult colouring books that seemed very calming and were very cute. Imagine my delight when I found out there are also “adult” adult colouring books. I want one!

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Check out this deal if you’re a lover of books! If you’re new to Amazon Kindle Unlimited, you can sign up now for a free one month trial!

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On My To Do List:

  • Send out my Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) for Tender Underneath
  • Prep for the cover reveal of Tender Underneath and release the preview on Payhip
  • Revamp my mailing list (coming soon)
  • Finish The Road by Cormac McCarthy
  • Gig hunt on Guru and figure out how to be more visible on Fiverr (it’s hard out here for a freelancer)
  • Smooth the kinks of my blog’s redesign. I updated my theme, did a little spring cleaning with some posts and deleted posts that I didn’t think fit in with my renewed vision for Pastiche Mode.
  • Work out or do yoga for at least 5 minutes every day

Happy Sunday, lovelies. How was it and what are you up to this week?

2 thoughts on “Novel Things and Moonlighting | Pastiche Sunday

  1. My mom has been telling me about Little Fires Everywhere (the series). She says it’s brilliant and now I absolutely want to read it as well.
    Lovely Sunday to you and a great week aheadπŸ€—


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