Tender Underneath Cover Reveal + Preview


I’m a pretty excitable person to begin with, so you can only imagine what re-releasing my debut novel is doing to me.

This past week has been wild, from putting together my newsletter (you can sign up here to join The Tender Tribe) to proofreading Tender Underneath until my eyes don’t recognize words anymore to getting feedback from early readers.

I’m overwhelmed by the positive reception I have received from the likes of the renowned Robert Chiwamba, Monica Machado, Andrew Dakalira and, my good friend, Faith Tsoka. I can’t thank them enough for lending their time to assist my journey to publication.

Praise for Tender Underneath

“Not only will Tender Underneath walk you through the memory lane of your teenage days with nostalgia, but it will also rekindle the memories of joy, ecstasy, love, jealousy and fear that come with high school years. There just isn’t a way you won’t be engaged, challenged, moved, tensed, and entertained through your reading of this book.”


“Reading this felt like watching my favourite movie, I was glued to it till the very end…I’m in awe and highly inspired.”


“Overall, the book is lovely. Angasa Salome’s ability to effortlessly tell this young lady’s story is quite impressive. It flows almost seamlessly, her skills  regarding painting a scene as well as setting are what most writers strive for.”


“I didn’t just love the story of Effie May, the protagonist of the novel. I loved the way Angasa Salome crafted every single one of her characters. It was a relatable, funny and wonderfully written story that resonated with me.” 


Book Cover & Description

All Effie May wants to do is finish high school for her dead grandpa’s sake. 

Simple, right? Not so much. A sordid scandal has everyone at school talking. A scandal that has nothing and everything to do with Effie. Either way, she knows she has to keep what happened a secret. 

Now she mustn’t just survive high school, she has to keep her life from unravelling while making sure everyone thinks she’s okay. 

But with her best friends, her wacky sister, her moody ex, his hot best friend, her nemesis and an unlikely friendship to deal with, keeping her life from blowing up might just be easier said than done.

Download the first 7 chapters FOR FREE

You can also PRE-ORDER a copy to receive the full version on publication day.

Before you go!

Since I’m self-publishing, word of mouth is the best gift you can give me. Please support me by sharing the preview to friends and book lovers you know. Sharing the sneak peak and cover on social media can go a really long way in letting it get seen by more readers.

The countdown begins. #TenderUnderneath, a coming of age novel by @pastichemode, is out 31 May! Check out the cover and sneak peak here:

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