30 Blog Post Ideas You and Your Readers Will Love

There’s nothing worse, as a blogger, than wanting (and, maybe, needing) to post but staring at an empty draft because you can’t come up with an idea worth blogging about.

Well, lovelies, fret no more. I, international superhero, am here to save the day with these 30 awesome blogging prompts to inspire your next post!

Check out this list of blogging ideas to be inspired:

Life & Lifestyle

  • What’s your daily routine?
  • What are your biggest tips for not letting social media make you crazy?
  • Write about what habits to start/quit before the year is over.
  • What things do you do to relax after a long day.
  • What fun/cool activities she people try this month?

Dating & Relationships

  • What are your dating dos and don’ts?
  • What did you learn from the one that got away?
  • What your X biggest pet peeves about dating today?
  • Are long distance relationships a good idea?
  • What are the X biggest lies about dating on social media?

Pop Culture

  • What are you currently watching?( Alternative: What did you watch last month?)
  • What are your favourite songs/albums/musicians right now?
  • What books are you reading? (Or, What’s books did you read last month)
  • What are the X most underrated (artists/songs/books/ comics/TV shows/any pop culture thing) right now?
  • Write a review of what you recently read/watched/listened to


  • What tools can’t you blog without?
  • What are the top X reasons NOT to start a blog?
  • Who the the top X bloggers (in your niche) who inspire you?
  • What are your X biggest blogging pet peeves?
  • What do you wish you’d known about blogging before you started.

Self Improvement, Productivity & Personal Development

  • What self improvement tips should people try this month?
  • What tools for productivity do you swear by?
  • How do you get unstuck?
  • Who are the leaders of your niche/industry and what do they do that makes them so great?
  • What are some beliefs that hold people back from personal progress?


  • What are your hopes or goals for the month?
  • Write a letter to your future self.
  • Write about what you’d put in your time capsule
  • What are you grateful for in the era of Covid-19?
  • Which people in your life deserve their flowers while they’re here?

That’s it for this non-caped crusader! Remember, these prompts are inspire not dictate so feel free to have fun and interpret them in whatever way you’d like. It’s your blog, right?

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