Do you need someone to edit your work? Or someone to take care of a writing project for you? I can help!

I’m a freelance copy editor with experience proofreading academic work, brand literature and other non-fiction material. I am also a writer who has written for Times Group and The Slice Magazine.

I am detail-oriented, punctual and will deliver you an outstanding copy.

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[Sample] Analysis of a Feature Article

[Sample] Internship Cover Letter

[Sample] Tabloids Essay

[Blog Post] 3 Things to Remember on Your Path to the Better You

Here are there services I provide:


Undergraduate (max. 80 pages) – MK 70,000 (Int. $90)

Postgraduate (max. 100 pages) –  MK 85,000 (Int. $110)

Essays (max. 5 pages)

Ghost writing 
MK 4,000 (Int. $6)
I will write an essay on your behalf. (Topics: Humanities, Social Sciences, Communications, Marketing and Business)

MK 2,000 (Int. $3) 

DOCUMENTS (max. 30 pages)

Basic Editing
MK 35, 000 (Int. $45)
I will proofread your copy and correct grammatical and spelling errors.

Comprehensive Editing
MK 50, 000 (Int. $65)
I will proofread your copy and rework it to improve grammar, language and structure.


Blog Posts and Articles (up to 2500 words)
MK 5000 (Int. $7)
Topics: Blogging, Social Media, Young Careers, Freelancing, Digital Careers, Higher Education, Personal Development, Productivity, Tech (Apps and Resources)

Application Documents (Jobs, Scholarships, etc.)
MK 9000 (Int. $12)
*NB: I will not apply on your behalf. I will only write or create documents (such as CVs and Cover Letters) that you will submit.*


Please fill in the form below to book a service or make an inquiry. I will respond to you within 24 hrs.